Arrival at Littleton, NH - center of the stereo-photography industry

Tourists and stereoviews, local commerce on the eve of the Columbian Exposition.

Littleton, NH Families

Littleton History Kilburn girls cutting up 1905

Publishing E. Kilburn and the Kilburn Brothers Stereoscopic Views
Timespan of production: [ 1855 - 1868 ] [ 1869 - 1877 ] [ 1878 - 1890 ]

Publishing B. W. Kilburn Stereoscopic Views [ 1877 - 1910 ]

History and genealogy on CD

    Several family CD Albums available. Image collections of Littleton, NH and many other communities prepared for you. Families of Littleton NH a CD of local personalities circa 1860 - 1900 (sharing photographs and stereoviews from a collection of the Kilburn, Morgan, Weller, and West families) and the developing stereoscopic trade). Specify a topic / area of interest to see if I can be of help.

Kilburn Guards, Spanish - American War, Littleton, NH

Deployment of the Littleton National Guard during the Spanish - American War.

      Album of the Littleton Opera House an account book of the Littleton Guard (also known as the Kilburn Guards), a civic organization, supporting Company F 2nd NH Infantry. Focus of the scanned manuscript will be on the Littleton National Guard June 1901 - Dec 1907. Ephemera regarding drills, concerts & balls held at the new Littleton Opera House. (135 pages plus photographs).

Family Albums, Littleton, NH

Album/ family scrapbook regarding the Parker Family and neighbors of West Littleton.

Family genealogy on CD

[ Kilburn ] [ Bilodeau ] [ Morgan ] [ Parker ]

Richardson ] [ Stoddard ] [ Weller ] [ West ]

Kilburn views, Littleton, NH

      Practical mechanics. - the title of Kilburn Brothers stereograph # 496 taken about 1865. Children and imagination captured on film. One of several images from the Families of Littleton NH CD which illustrate the labors and leisure moments of children and professional people thru the lenses of Littleton, NH photographers and their visitors. A sample view collection assembled and made available for family research. Interest in both native and tourist ties to a place.

Kilburn views, Littleton, NH

View from the station 1881.

Images and family detail, available by request.

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