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    John Payson Soule (1828 - 1904)

    Stereoscopic photographer Boston, MA. Daguerreo, Ambrotype, & Photographic Artist in 1860.

    Publisher of stereoscopic views 1875 - 1881. Sold negatives to several stereoscopic publishers, of which Benjamin W. Kilburn was the most prominent in 1881. Founder of
    John P. Soule 1860 - 1883, a business which he sold to his brother William Stinson Soule and partner William B. Everett (also cited as Wm. D.) in 1883. Soule & Everett continued their business as the Soule Photograph Company, art publishers until 1900. The focus of this new business evolved into architectural photography for which their claim was the largest collection in America. After William's retirement, the firm continued under the trade name Soule Art Company until 1923 or later.

    John was born 18281019 Phillips, ME. His family moved to Turner, ME between January, 1834 and August, 1836. He grew up in Turner, ME.

    Business history (1857) John P. Soule first appears in the Boston Directories as a partner in the firm of (John) Rogers & Soule, Printsellers, 456 Washington St. His house is at 10 Cherry Street, Boston, MA.

      John Rogers, former machinist, and draftsman of the Amoskeag Locomotive Works, Soule's partner, became a noted sculptor and artist who would bring the trademark "Rogers Groups" into nearly every home in Victorian America. Rogers photographic skeleton leaves patent would also appear in the Soule views and later would be emulated by many other photographers stereographs in honor of the memory of loved ones.

    Rogers Group, Boston, MA by B. W. Kilburn 1883 - 1888

    [ A Rogers Group stereoview published by Kilburn Brothers from John P. Soule original circa 1883 ]

    (1859) John P. Soule, Photographist, 1 Boylston St., House 10 Cherry St.

    (1860) 1 Boylston Street, Boston, MA - Boston Business Directory p 576.

      Another source states the 1860 directory shows John P. as photographist at 130 Tremont St. and home at 10 (incomplete). William S. Soule is listed as working at 130 Tremont St. and boarding at 10 Cherry.

    (1861) ... 130 Tremont Street, all the same listings as 1860, brother William may have already enlisted in Company A, 13th Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry 186104. He would be absent from the Boston scene for a number of years (1861 - 1882).

    (1862) ... photographist at 199 Washington Street. No mention of William. .

    (1875) 199 Washington Street, Boston, MA - New England Business Directory. Boston: Sampson, Davenport, & Co., Rand, Avery, & Co., printers, 1875 p 848.

      Klein indicates that addresses in the Boston city directories remain the same during the period 1862-1875 when the business changes to 363 Washington Street. (The change may have simply been the result of a re-numbering of Washington Street during the period 1874-1875 rather than an actual move.)

    (1876) The following year his firm is listed at 338 Washington Street which becomes its final location. This address would be on the opposite side of the street, near the Old South Meeting House.

    Washington Street, Boston, MA

    Stereoscopic views of Washington Street, Boston, MA by John P. Soule

    (1877 - 1881) 338 Washington Street, Boston, MA - Boston Business Directory

    Imprint Evans & Soule 51 Washington Street, no date.

    Succeeded by brother William S. Soule and company.

    Georgetown, ME

    Self portraits of John P. Soule, his wife Harriet, and children circa 1858 - 1859. [ Links to images online John & Harriet and another. ]

    Personal John was married 18480222 at Portland, ME by Eaton Shaw to Harriet Campbell. They lived in Georgetown, ME, 10 Cherry Street, Boston, MA and 209 Pleasant Street, Malden, MA. She died in 1884 and was buried in a family plot in Newington, New Hampshire. At about that time he travelled west as a railroad photographer in Colorado and Utah along the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad and in Salt Lake City.

    Stereoscopic views of Malden Centre, MA by E. C. Swain [ on CD ]

    Children: .

      Lucie Almira 18550403 Georgetown, ME

      Hattie 18570627 Boston, MA [ Details available ]

      Franklin L. 1861 Boston, MA

    John married second Mary A. Read of Jersey City, NJ about 1886 at Arlington, MA. Mary was born May 1843 at Van Vorst, NJ, the daughter of Christopher Read and Caroline Matthews Read. Her sister Margaret Read married William Clark of Arlington, MA. (Related photo is available on CD.)

    In 1888 John Soule had moved to 528 Broadway, Seattle, WA. He appears to have continued his interest in photography and may have worked for several of his former colleagues as evidenced by his coverage of the Seattle Fire. Additional details may also be found among his papers at the University of Washington, not yet consulted.

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        Notes Source: Dave Klein (formerly of) - has exchanged a few additional details, for consideration. The 1870 census records for Malden, MA page 66, about 1/3 of the way through confirms that Soule had a son...listed in June of 1870 as 9 years old, in school. Only his initials, in fancy script that look like F.L.Soule This discovery confirmed the one other lead Klein had that there was a son named "Franklin, born about 1861". That would fit this to a tee. And that all fits with the photo Klein has from the mid Civil War period showing a boy of about 2 with Soule's wife and 2 daughters.

        Clarification needed: The oldest daughter's name Klein has seen as Lucie Almira and as Lydia Almira...not sure which is correct.

        The youngest daughter's birthdate Klein has as January 1, 1857.

    Harriet C. Soule

    Harriet C. Soule, daughters Lucia and Hattie Soule
    taken at the Campbell homestead, Georgetown, Maine.
    Stereoview by John P. Soule circa 1858 - 1859.

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